Ethical charter Pohorje Ultra Trail

Equity, respect for other people and the environment, mutual aid and solidarity are the fundamental principles directing the organization and the running of the Pohorje Ultra Trail. 

These are inspired directly from the values put forward by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) amongst which we find authenticity, respect, humility and fair play.

We wish to share these principles with those who participate in the Pohorje Ultra Trail: runners, partners, volunteers, spectators, local inhabitants and not forgetting organizers of other races.

Conscience that our events take place in a framework which is at the same time both grandiose and fragile, the aim of this charter is to clearly formulate the benchmarks which will act as the guide line for our behavior and actions.

Our sport, Trail-running, is at present experiencing important changes the most perceptible of which are:

  • a rising number of participants coming from an increasing number of different countries
  • a large diversity of motivations and profiles
  • more and more sensitive economic stakes
  • the not insignificant emergence of impact upon the environment.

In this context of change, we consider that it is our responsibility to continue to promote it through the largest number of values which go beyond the sporting aspect itself make Trail-running real human adventure.


It is the search for a just balance, based on impartiality, equality of chance benefiting all the runners and the recognition of the rights and duties of each of the players in the event (runners, volunteers, private and territorial partners, the press and the local population). Our races are organized to be of advantage to all without certain of them benefiting in a way which may put others at a disadvantage.

Our races are open to everybody. Our rules are made for everybody and are applied identically to everybody. All the athletes have the same conditions, and they have the same rights and the same duties.

It is our responsibility to guarantee this principle of equity, to make the necessary controls and to offer the best possible race conditions to all the participants. We limit the zones where assistance is authorized so as not to penalize those runners who cannot benefit from it.

We ask the race marshals to ensure that the rules are respected throughout the race. The selection which we are obliged to make at registration is established on criteria which are accessible to all.

The reception of top-level runners of is the object of pre-established rules which do not disadvantage the other runners.

We ensure that all the finishers are rewarded.

Respect for people

The Pohorje Ultra Trail gathers enthusiasts from a large diversity of cultures, personalities or motivations.

To respect others, is to understand and to accept that they will be different and to adopt the “know how” so as not to hamper them or bother them. It is also important that we know, that the mountain is a place which possesses its own culture and its own traditions.

We work permanently on high-quality organization, we stay tuned to all and we try hard to always find answers.

We limit the numbers to avoid hold-ups along the route which could be harmful for the quality of the races.

As from registration, we scrupulously check each runner’s qualifying races, so that nobody can participate illegitimately to the detriment of another runner who is respectful of rules.

Each player makes a commitment to show respect and conviviality, towards the local population and towards every person in the mountains (other trail-runners, locals, mountain hut personnel, walkers…).

Respect occurs through sharing regulations to which every player (runner, volunteer, partner, journalist, accompanying person) makes a commitment to understand and to respect.

We ask everybody not to cheat, under any circumstances and to be an example of fair-play.

Self respect

The practice of very long duration Trail-running carries risks and the search for performance and/or pleasure on no account justifies the distortion of one’s health in the more or less short term or the taking of risks.

We ask each runner to:

  • to be particularly careful to take no doping products and not to resort, wrongly, to self-medication,
  • to learn and to agree not to exceed one’s limits to the point of damaging one’s physical or mental integrity

Respect for the environment

Our races take place in the low mountains. This is a fragile natural environment, in which it is necessary to protect the balance ensuing both from biodiversity and human activity.

Our event has to contribute to the general awareness of the fragility of the natural surroundings. We make every effort to reduce our impact. We also recognize with lucidity that there are inevitable impacts and we make a commitment to do all we can to rectify them.

We are trying to minimize to the maximum the environmental impact connected to the functioning of our organization, in particular by decreasing the volume of our impact and by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions connected to professional transport.

We would like to invite you to improve your knowledge of the mountains, their ecosystem and fragilities, not to become an expert but so as to act with responsibility and awareness.

We encourage you to minimize your impact on the environment through which you pass by adopting an as environmentally-friendly attitude as possible:

  • drop nothing on the ground (including the areas that we don’t see) in any area along the route (including in the inhabited zones),
  • do not shortcut the paths as this causes harmful erosion to the site,
  • preserve the flora, respect the fauna, and avoid making inappropriate noise,
  • to rigorously respect the rules of the nature reserves,
  • to limit carbon emissions by avoiding motorized travel by favoring the use of communal transport or as a last resort the use of car-sharing.


The mountains are a hostile environment where man has learned the rules of solidarity and to help each other so as to live and prosper there. For this reason we ask each player of the Pohorje Ultra Trail in whatever place or circumstance they are in, to make it their priority to go to help any other person in danger or difficulty.

As organizers, we have the opinion that our solidarity also has to be applied on a global scale, and that it is our responsibility to help the most deprived. Those guidelines are based on the consciousness of our own privileges and our attachment to humanistic values.