Dear runners,

last year was extremely challenging for us, we had to cancel the event for the first time since we organize our event. Every organizer knows that these decisions are always hard to except. We are a small organizer with a small team which is working really hard to organize the event on the highest possible level. We also have the best volunteers, more than 100, who are always helping us to get the event to that level and without them, the event simply isn’t possible to organize.

In the last two months we’ve put a lot of effort to organize the event in the most normal conditions possible. Things are changing a lot again, organizers are already having a hard time to organize the events in a safe environment, not just for the runners, but also for all the hart and souls who are helping to organize the events. We are again in an uncertain position what will happen in the next few weeks.

Organizing an event like Pohorje Ultra Trail, in normal conditions, is an extremely challenging work. Now we have even more rules that we have to comply with and follow. This is a big responsibility for us that we must be able to carry, but with poor predictions and unclear rules we have to follow, we cannot handle this kind of responsibility. With all the COVID-19 complications in this year we had to make another hard decision and cancel PUT 2021.

All runners who are registered (also the ones from last year) will get a refund. Expect all the information about the refunds in the next couple of days in your e-mail inbox.

The PUT 2021 organizing team would like to thank you for your understanding. We would like to thank all the registered runners and also all the volunteers who already pledged to help us in this year.

We hope that the year 2022 will be in our favor, so we can meet on Pohorje again.

Best regards,
Team Pohorje Ultra Trail