Obligatory equipment

Obligatory equipment is required for runners taking part on all of our courses.

Mobile phone (save in the contacts the security numbers of the organisation, keep it switched on- in silent mood, do not hide one’s number and do not forget to set off with recharged batteries)OOOO
Personal beaker 15cl. Minimum (water-bottles or flasks with lids are not acceptable)OOOO
Stock of water (minimum 1 liter)OOOO
(0,5 l)
Head torch in good working condition with replacement batteriesOO/R*//
Survival blanket 1.40m x 2m minimumOOOO
Adhesive elastic band enable making a bandage or strapping (min. 100cm x 6cm)OOOR
Food reserveOOOR
Waterproof jacketO*O*O*SR*
Wind jacketOOSRR
Adequate running shoesOOOO
Spare clothingSRSRSRR
Walking polesRRRR

LEGEND: O – Obligatory | R – Recommended | SR – Strongly Recommended | O/R* – Obligatory after 20:30h | O*/SR*- Obligatory in case of rainy weather or weather forecast with high risk of thunderstorms.

The organizer retains the right to impose additional mandatory equipment for the safety of the runners not later than one day before the event.

Requirement by the Police: Every runner must have an ID document.