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Pohorje Ultra - TrailⓇ – 115K

  • 114,2 km

  • +4870 m | -4940 m

  • 30 h

Pohorje Ultra - TrailⓇ – 70K

  • 70,5 km

  • +2680 m | -2670 m

  • 17 h

Pohorje Ultra - TrailⓇ – 35K

  • 36,8 km

  • +1.610 m | -1.640 m

  • 10 h

Pohorje Ultra - TrailⓇ – 17K

  • 16,8 km

  • +710 m | -710 m

  • 5 h

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Additional 5 EUR will be charged
PUT is also a humanitarian event. We donate 1 EUR for every registration to the Janka Glazerja elementary school fund. If you woul like to donate to the fund for children, please fill the enter your amount of donation. Thank you!

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