Experience Pohorje Ultra Trail …

There are numerous beautiful places that contributed to the founding of Pohorje Ultra Trail. With love and passion we pursue trail running. Previously known as Trail Maraton Pohorje. Our sport-charity event has a 5 year long tradition and the organizers felt that it is time to do something more, but in our case more kilometres. 

This year you can experience a new 70K course and two known courses – 35K and 17K. We are connecting an area of 7 municipalities and guide runners to the moste peaceful and beautiful corners of Pohorje, that will take your breath away.

Trail runners will enjoy the magnificent beech and spruce forests on every route of Pohorje Ultra Trail, which are intertwined with streams and lakes. A special experience is the run through the mystical Bistriški vintgar and ancient forest Šumik. You will also see the 16 million old granite rock that is covered with beautiful fresh green moss. Here our participants discovered places for gods that you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to our hills, welcome to Pohorje!